About Christianna

DSC09176I was raised in a bucolic town in coastal Connecticut by an Italian American food focused family. My grandfather was a poultry farmer and my grandmother was the food service director at my high school. My first and most beloved job involved fried clams, long lines and salt potatoes at an iconic New England seafood restaurant.

I am a baker at heart–a skill I learned in a rustic sense from my Aunt Camilla and in a professional sense at the famed Woodstar Bakery in the foodie mini-mecca of Northampton, Massachusetts. For the better part of two years, I spent my weekends in my tiny apartment developing cookie recipes for my baking blog, Cookie Chronicles.

I ended up a long way from my New England roots here in New York City, where I graduated from Wagner College. The brilliance of the academic world and a passion for understanding human behavior drew me to Columbia University where I earned a Masters in Organizational Psychology at Teachers College. A series of square peg in round hole moments in my psychology career spurred a deeper look into my professional ambitions.

I eventually decided to combine my culinary and psychological pursuits into a cohesive path in the exciting field of nutrition. I am currently a graduate student at Hunter College’s School of Public Health, where I am studying to become a registered dietitian.  In addition to writing this blog, I am a freelance cooking instructor, nutrition educator and emerging food/nutrition communications specialist. I’m also fortunate to serve in leadership roles in professional organizations in my field. You can read all about my professional experience on LinkedIn.

DSC02140When I’m not cooking, I savor every chance I get to travel with my husband. We enjoy spending time in nature by hiking, swimming and camping. We also enjoy spending time inside watching the New York Jets. I love to paint with acrylics and make jewelry. I write about my Italian American family (and pursuing Italian-American citizenship) here. I am also a runner and love to play tennis.