About Christianna

Christy and Mike

Hi there!

I am currently studying to become a registered dietitian nutritionist at Hunter College in New York City. I'm also a freelance culinary educator with a passion for inspiring people to rediscover the art of cooking and the joy of healing their bodies through food and nutrition. Follow my food-filled adventures on Instagram. Nutrition is my second career and you can read about my professional experience and career goals on LinkedIn

My passion for food harkens back to my Italian American roots. My grandmother, who hosted Sunday suppers every week at her house, was a food service manager at my high school. My grandfather, an avid forager of dandelion greens and wild mushrooms, was a turkey farmer. My family cultivated a new breed of turkey, the Great Gozzi White, which is still sold today in Guilford, CT. My first and most beloved job involved slinging fried fish onto paper plates at an iconic New England seafood restaurant

My Aunt Commie was a magnificent baker. My job during the holidays was to help her decorate the sugar cut-out cookies. I applied a thick layer of colored sugar that clung to the roof of your mouth while the rest of the cookie, so thin and buttery, melted away. Later in life I worked at Woodstar Cafe in Northampton, Massachusetts where I honed skills that elevated me from a tag-along on my Aunt Commie’s apron strings to a real baker. I enjoy periodically developing cookie recipes for my baking blog, Cookie Chronicles.

I love to move my body as much as possible by running, playing tennis and shakin' it in Zumba class! Football season is my favorite time of year; I am a dogged fan of the New York Jets, but it is usually much easier to root for my Boston Celtics! I love making jewelry from my extensive collection of funky and colorful beads. New York has been good to me, but I savor every chance I get to leave the city for travel adventures with my husband, Mike (the cute guy with the dimples in the picture).