What To Eat For A Healthy Brain

In March, I begin a new role as a Nutrition Educator for the New York City Department for the Aging. I will have the opportunity to give nutrition education lessons (sometimes even in Spanish) at various senior centers throughout New York City. My interest in […]

End of the Semester Review

The first semester of nutrition graduate school was one of the most academically challenging times of my life. The  semester was designed to give us a broad overview of the field, and each course required a different approach to master the material.  I discovered some […]

I am a RD2BE

In October, I was honored to be named one of the Top 20 Finalists in All Access Internship‘s America’s Next Top Dietitian Contest. I made this video (with the help of my tech savvy husband) that illustrates my top three top pieces of advice to […]

Mid Semester Review

I am over halfway through my first semester in nutrition graduate school. The last two weeks have been especially frenzied, but overall I am very happy with where I am right now. As for my classes at Hunter College, I continue to be blown away […]

America’s Next Top Dietitian

I’ve been named one of the Top 20 Finalists in America’s Next Top Dietitian! ANTD is a contest run through All Access Internships–the winner gets support for the required dietetic internship. And of course, bragging rights! I’m so thrilled by this news and I want […]

Meal Planning Made Easy

Meal planning is my least favorite activity in the kitchen. Scrub the pots? Sure! Clean out the microwave? Heck yeah! Write a list before going to the grocery store? Never! I recently participated in an experiential learning assignment that forced me to plan my meals. For […]

My Five Days on Food Stamps

At a grocery store somewhere in Queens, I stood wedged in between the cheese refrigerator and a massive barrel of pickles scowling at the paltry contents of my shopping basket. “This food stamps challenge is really stressing me out!” I texted my husband.

My First Week of Nutrition Graduate School

Tearing up in a classroom full of 34 other people is not a good look. But that was me yesterday in class during my first week as a  student in nutrition graduate school. As we introduced ourselves in class, it was immediately clear that the […]

Recipe: Asian Chicken Brown Rice Bowl

Bon Appètit recently announced that the Rice Bowl is the 2016 dish of the year. The award was inspired by the Kimchi fried rice at a much praised Korean restaurant. But, you don’t need to eat out to make your own heathful interpretation of the […]

The Power of Career Coaching

With two years of science classes and culinary work experience down, I’m about to embark on the next phase of my journey: two years in graduate school. I started this blog primarily to chronicle my journey into dietetics. This is a unique and privileged phase of learning and […]