Dietetics Career

End of the Semester Review

The first semester of nutrition graduate school was one of the most academically challenging times of my life. The  semester was designed to give us a broad overview of the field, and each course required a different approach to master the material.  I discovered some […]

I am a RD2BE

In October, I was honored to be named one of the Top 20 Finalists in All Access Internship‘s America’s Next Top Dietitian Contest. I made this video (with the help of my tech savvy husband) that illustrates my top three top pieces of advice to […]

Mid Semester Review

I am over halfway through my first semester in nutrition graduate school. The last two weeks have been especially frenzied, but overall I am very happy with where I am right now. As for my classes at Hunter College, I continue to be blown away […]

America’s Next Top Dietitian

I’ve been named one of the Top 20 Finalists in America’s Next Top Dietitian! ANTD is a contest run through All Access Internships–the winner gets support for the required dietetic internship. And of course, bragging rights! I’m so thrilled by this news and I want […]

My First Week of Nutrition Graduate School

Tearing up in a classroom full of 34 other people is not a good look. But that was me yesterday in class during my first week as a  student in nutrition graduate school. As we introduced ourselves in class, it was immediately clear that the […]

The Power of Career Coaching

With two years of science classes and culinary work experience down, I’m about to embark on the next phase of my journey: two years in graduate school. I started this blog primarily to chronicle my journey into dietetics. This is a unique and privileged phase of learning and […]

Teaching Children How to Souffle

I did something today that I thought I would never do: teach kids how to make souffles! And, I actually enjoyed myself. Each summer at Sur La Table, we have a series of kids cooking classes (“Kids Camp”); several weeks during which kids (and teens) […]

The Importance of Hobbies

When I’m at work, my hands deep in a metal bowl, cold water rushing over them as I rinse off mussels, I realize how far I’ve come to achieve my dream of working with food for a living. Food is both work and play and although I truly […]

When Self Doubt Creeps In

 I did not realize how many situations I would find myself in that would ultimately test my self confidence and drive throughout the career change process. There was a period of time, while I was doing my pre-requisites, working part time, and planning my wedding, […]

The Folks I’ve Met On My Journey

Today, I say goodbye for now to a treasured colleague and mentor, Marian. She’s moving onto an exciting new position at a great company where she will continue to teach and inspire people to get into the kitchen more. When I let my desk job […]