Recipe: Summer Berry Cream Pie

This no bake summer dessert is both nutritious and delicious. A date-nut crust is filled with fruit infused Greek yogurt and chilled for a cool and creamy treat. Do not be intimidated by gelatin—it’s very easy to use; look for the Knox brand in the […]

The Importance of Hobbies

When I’m at work, my hands deep in a metal bowl, cold water rushing over them as I rinse off mussels, I realize how far I’ve come to achieve my dream of working with food for a living. Food is both work and play and although I truly […]

Why I am No Longer a Vegetarian

I toyed with the idea of becoming a “vegetarian” or, more accurately in my case, a “pescetarian” for a couple of years before I took the plunge. During those years I learned a lot about how animals are raised and slaughtered in factory farms in the United States. Finally, the incredible cruelty and reckless destruction of natural resources in the mainstream meat industry became something I could no longer support.

Why I Love Running

There is something very primal about running. Fight or flight. Move your feet, swing your arms, pump those legs, let your hair trail behind you. Sweat pools in the small of your back, your face heats up, your nose runs. It’s not glamorous but it […]

Ponderings on Race in the Nutrition Industry

Why are the majority of dietitians white women?

How to Communicate With My Future Clients

I was chatting to a new friend, Karen, over dinner about my career in nutrition. She told me about her success following the principles of “food combining”, or really “food seperating” in which a person eats carbohydrates alone, and only protein and fat together. The diet […]

What is the Role of Healthy Behavior in a Relationship?

I love my fiance and we live in harmony the overwhelming majority of time. Over time, we have progressed to share many lifelong health habits that makes our relationship stronger. But, occasionally the balance gets upset. At our very worst, I am an ascetic and he is a […]