Chocolate Cinnamon Popcorn Snack Mix and Dietitian Approved Snacks

Many healthy people I know will never leave the house without a nutritious snack tucked into their bags. In fact, take a look around a classroom full of nutrition students and you can guarantee that half of them are snacking as they listen to the […]

Recipe: Asian Chicken Brown Rice Bowl

Bon Appètit recently announced that the Rice Bowl is the 2016 dish of the year. The award was inspired by the Kimchi fried rice at a much praised Korean restaurant. But, you don’t need to eat out to make your own heathful interpretation of the […]

Recipe: Summer Berry Cream Pie

This no bake summer dessert is both nutritious and delicious. A date-nut crust is filled with fruit infused Greek yogurt and chilled for a cool and creamy treat. Do not be intimidated by gelatin—it’s very easy to use; look for the Knox brand in the […]