Mid Semester Review

Mid Semester ReviewI am over halfway through my first semester in nutrition graduate school. The last two weeks have been especially frenzied, but overall I am very happy with where I am right now.

As for my classes at Hunter College, I continue to be blown away by the diverse talent, intelligence and collaborative spirit of my classmates. I’m taking four classes this semester–Biostatistics, Nutritional Biochemistry, Community Nutrition Education and Food Service Management. I don’t have a favorite class–each has elements that I like and that I don’t like. Statistics is familiar from my previous training. Biochemistry is fascinating and the foundation of our learning about the body. I really enjoy the assignments for Community Nutrition; I already told you about the food stamp challenge. I’m currently working on a presentation about the MIND Diet–a program focused on the nutritional aspects of Alzheimer’s prevention. I’ll post my presentation once its complete. Food Service Management is largely a formalization of things I’m already familiar with from my culinary background. It is about forty hours per week of school work. It can be very difficult to shift from one subject to another because they are so different.

Professionally, I continue to enjoy teaching cooking classes at Sur La Table. I have a new opportunity to work with City Cookin West End, a cooking school that focuses on recreating restaurant dishes. In the coming months, I will be teaching there occasionally and developing my own classes for instruction.

I’m volunteering my time in the Nutrition department at Mount Sinai Hospital Queens. I haven’t actually started yet but I’m excited to get working with the Nutrition Manager and gain some knowledge about the clinical side of nutrition. I’m also actively involved with the Greater New York Dietetic Association. I serve on the Student Committee and have attended/volunteered at some fun networking and educational events.

Personally, I’m trying to stay in touch with my friends during this super busy first semester. My best friend, Lindsey, is super supportive and her texts always come at the right time. It’s been hard to find time to cook for myself as much as I would like and getting to the gym more than once a week has been challenging. I still manage to find time to play fantasy football and basketball and watch the New York Jets game every week (priorities, amiright?)

My husband, Mike, and I celebrated my 32nd birthday last weekend in the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts. I drove for the first time in five years and didn’t hit anyone or anything! Married life is beautiful. My family is doing well–especially my little brother who is loving college at George Mason University.

So, that’s how I’m doing. How are you?


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